Wide Span Shelving

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Wide Span is the standard of the industry for shelving designed to contain wide, bulky loads. It bridges the storage gap between conventional shelving and pallet rack. The range of applications can be from a single unit to a sophisticated multi-level picking system . Wide Span is easily the quickest shelving product to assemble. There are a minimum number of parts that snap or fit into place quickly and easily. No bracing to add and no hardware required. Not to be loaded with fork trucks.

Designed to support 1/2” thick deck material flush with top of beam flange when used with the appropriate number of Plywood Support Angles which insert into slots in beam step..

A heavy duty beam designed for greater capacity when used with deck material. Deck material sits on beam step and is supported by the appropriate number of Beam Brace/ Heavy Duty Plywood Supports. Deck must be trimmed to 2” less depth than the depth of the upright frame.

Heavy Duty Plywood Beams can be used in the same unit or bay with Standard Plywood Beams. However, the decking material must be trimmed 2” for the heavy duty beams. Capacity in pounds for evenly distributed loads.

Wide Span Upright Frames are made from heavy gauge steel, welded into one rigid assembly containing posts, diagonal and horizontal braces and foot plates for anchoring. There is no assembly required. Other sizes are available. Posts are punched on the face to provide positive independent beam placement on 2” vertical centers.

The posts are marked on 12” centers to facilitate placement of shelf levels. A slot on each side of the post accepts a nib on the end of each beam, to lock it in place.

Frames have a capacity of 7,500 pounds with a 1.92 safety factor where vertical beam spacing does not exceed 60”. Footplates are punched for anchoring: