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Consulting to Improve Warehouse Operations Performance

Our goal is to design and implement change for our clients, so that they can achieve their operations and business objectives. Our success has been directly the result of working through several critical dimensions

Clear Desired Outcomes Work toward achieving clearly defined goals and measurable results in your warehouse or distribution center that last, for your department, your company; and for your role in your supply chain

Collaboration We each bring the best of our capabilities to the work, to create results that neither of us could accomplish alone

Transfer Knowledge So that everyone understands how and why we achieve the desired results, and you can continue to build on that knowledge into the future

Build on Your Strengths Use what we know works, to create results that complement your unique skills and abilities Measuring Results To be able to show that we have achieved the goals and can monitor them to ensure that those results do not deteriorate Support To continue to use and improve upon new methods, procedures, equipment and system to handle changes and demands into the future

So, are you ready to collaborate with a consultant to take performance to the next level? You can reach us by e-mail or call us at 1-800-952-0151.

Material Handling Engineering and System Design

Engineering methods that integrate control technology, information technology, and material transport equipment to provide efficient, safe and economical material handling. Material Handling Engineering and System Design we are a Professional Engineering company that specializes in Material Handling Systems Design. Our engineers have years of experience and training in supply chain logistics and stay abreast of current material handling trends and technologies.

If you are considering warehouse automation, We can provide a turnkey solution that includes a needs analysis, material handling engineering, and related equipment, project management, Installation, and operator training.

  • Product Slotting Analysis
  • Warehouse Storage Systems Design
  • Order Picking Systems Design
  • Conveyor Systems Design
  • Sortation Systems Design

Permit Processing

n most warehouse projects or expansions, 40 percent of the time involved is used for permit processing. One Roof provides full service permit processing and conflict resolution with fire and safety personnel. Our Permit Processor will give your project the utmost attention by obtaining original building plans as well as structural calculations from a licensed engineer to analyze the facility sprinkler systems and determine the correct usage compatibility for commodity classification and height support. We follow through with fire and safety departments to ensure your job goes smoothly.

Whether you have a Greenfield project or are retrofitting an existing operation, we have developed our proprietary Design Build process called the Alternative Edge to ensure that our customers receive the innovative, yet practical, solution for their unique operational needs.

Warehouse Services & Material Handling

One Roof provides professional quality and timely installations of all your material handling and warehousing systems.

We are a complete Material Handling & Installation Company. We provide complete turnkey installation of a wide range of warehousing systems and material handling products. Some of the most common are as listed below.

We are fortunate to have a large team of professionals who train and specialize in their own area of expertise such as racking, safety surveys , conveyors or mezzanines. Our rack and warehousing specialists are capable of installing the most up to date and effective warehousing systems, as well as offer knowledgeable advice and suggestions to allow for the most efficient and trouble free use of the systems.

Warehousing - Installation, Tear down & Relocation Shelving

  • Pallet racking
  • Push back rack
  • Package flow rack
  • Pallet flow rack
  • Drive-in rack
  • Guide rail and aisle entry systems
  • Cantilever / Lumber rack
  • Mezzanines Vertical / Mezzanine lifts
  • Conveyors
  • Garment rail-handling systems
  • In-plant offices
  • Dock related equipment
  • Overhead hoists and cranes
  • Security cages
The best material handling system is the world will be of little use to you if it is not properly installed. That is why we offer a complete installation services for our material handling systems. Whether your project requires basic static racking, entails a bit more complexity such as a conveyor system with sortation, or is a fully automated “lights out” facility complete with an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), let our team of experienced project managers, site supervisors and installers get the job commissioned right for you.

Proper mechanical and electrical installation is a vital component for every material handling system. Proper installations ensures your material handling equipment will work properly, your equipment warranties are maintained, and that your facility is in compliance with local codes. While you stay focused on your day to day operations, Bastian’s Installation Team will take care of the rest. Our Site Supervisors average over 10 years of installation experience and our extensive network of mechanical and electrical installers ensure the job is done right regardless of geographic location.
Design & Layout

Warehouse, Distribution Center, & Manufacturing Facility Layout & Design Services

Facility design and layout in the material handling industry affects the productivity, profitability, and adaptability of your company for years. One of the best business decisions you can make is to engage an expert in material handling system design when planning your facility layout.

Engaging us sallows you to consider your facility layout from the perspective of your product, process flows, material handling techniques, man-machine interfaces, and plant structures. Profiling the current movement of product and projecting material flow help you design the best building and material handling system to accomplish your company’s goals.

At One Roof, we create flexible warehouse, distribution center, & manufacturing facility layouts designed to use space efficiently and effectively helping you maximize your material handling system investment. Whether the layout is for an existing or a new "greenfield" facility, our goal is to plan around the function and the process. Our design approach has consistently provided our customers with initial capital cost savings and lower operating cost over time.

Several criteria are considered before the design begins. Once the general operation, business plan, and design goals are well understood, we will work closely with you and your consultant, architect, or construction firm to define the facility requirements.

We also works closely with your team to optimize your layout design. When applicable our facility designs are modular, which enables your layout to continue to serve your needs as business conditions change and allow you to quickly adapt when additional capacity is required. One Roof uses the latest 2-D & 3-D computer aided design tools to create your system layout drawings. This 3-D perspective allows us to help you make the best possible design decision.

Warehouse, Distribution Center, & Manufacturing Facility Layout & Design Services

Get More! More services from JMH to increase your warehouse efficiency. JMH provides systems and solutions for warehouse and production facilities. Our goal is to assist our customers to ensure the best utilization of their current resourcesand future equipment purchases.

Warehouse Evaluation

With a staff of over 250 years of combined experience, the JMH team can quickly add to and evaluate your current space for better utilization. Areas that we explore are warehouse design for workflow, inventory control systems and space consolidation. The team includes a licensed P.E., a software specialist ad a systems integrator. They evaluate the effectiveness of your process, software and hardware as needed. This procedure covers a multitude of steps to insure that you get the maximum efficiency.

  • Improved inventory control
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Prevent the cost of relocation
  • Better product flow and resource management
  • Improved utilization of equipment

Safety Inspection

Prevent serious warehouse accidents caused by rack overloading, damaged uprights or safety connectors. The JMH team will inspect your warehouse to identify any unsafe components and list specific precautions to prevent future incidents.

  • Free inspection for upright damage, structural integrity, overloaded beams,
  • safety clip functionality and general equipment safety
  • We will train your personnel on how to inspect for future capacity or safety concerns
  • Save the hidden costs of a collapse involving safety or structural failure
  • Avoid possible risk of injury to personnel or customers

Customer Education

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