Pick Pallet Rack Systems

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Combining dynamic rack systems with conveyors or other flow components, we offer pick modules provide enhanced productivity and meaningful cost savings for broken pallet or broken carton order-filing operations. When designed as a multi-level rack supported system, pick modules also provide superior space utilization. Pick modules allow dense storage of products, reduced material handling and the ability to fulfill multiple SKU customer shipments in a timely and accurate manner

Your space…Your product…Your work flow… there's only one system ideal for you and that's the one designed specifically for you. Steel King offers the broad line of components plus the design flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

Multi-Level Pick Modules are  high density Storage and Picking System that have multi-levels and utilizes first-in/first-out rotation of pallets and/or cartons by using gravity flow to bring product from the stocking aisle to the picking aisle of the System.  Usually the inventory is loaded onto the module on a pallet  with a forklift and unloaded by "order" via conveyor. This type of a System increases full case and/or split case order picking productivity by minimizing the walking distance between items picked and maximizes valuable warehouse space.

Pick modules integration of Pallet Flow and Push Back storage to move palletized loads which feed into Carton Flow units which are often outfitted with special software for paperless picking. This flow rack concept allows distribution operations to be consolidated into one facility which handles all of the logistics and has a dramatic effect on lowering fulfillment costs.

Pick Modules are engineered racking systems that integrate different storage solutions inside multi-level work platforms that move product efficiently through a distribution facility. Distribution centers consisting of hundreds of thousands of square feet, capable of fulfilling over one hundred thousand orders per day or processing millions of units in a week, have become commonplace in design. Modules use pallet rack to support the miles of conveyor and product flow systems, thereby reducing congestion and costly pick errors.