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Pipp Mobile Manual Carriage Mobile System

Manual Carriage Mobile System is available in standard and heavy duty. The Standard Duty Systems are used primarily in retail applications such as shoes, apparel and handbags. The Heavy Duty Systems are used in similar applications. However, as materials become denser in weight, such as, cosmetics, home furnishings or "knock down" furniture, the heavy duty systems are the product of choice. The maximum system length is 12' with an overall weight capacity of 3,000 lbs. per carriage.

    • Standard Manual Carriage
    • Heavy Duty Manual Carriage
    • Standard Manual Flat Track Carriage
    • Heavy Duty Manual Flat Track Carriage

Pipp Mobile Manual Carriage Mobile SystemMechanical Assist Carriage System is applicable when carriage weights exceed 3,000 lbs. The drive shaft allows movement of the entire carriage with just a turn of the handle. The shaft runs the entire length of the carriage therefore eliminating "lag time" and "sway". The maximum system length is 24' with an overall weight capacity of 800 lbs. per linear foot of carriage.

    • Mechanical Assist Carriage

Pipp Mobile Electrical Carriage Mobile System

Electrical Carriage System was introduced in 2002 and is now operating in over 100 installations. The modular design of the product requires minimal on-site mechanical assembly. Electrically, the majority of the wiring is completed at the factory; only 7 electrical connections per carriage are required during installation. One 20 amp circuit can run 5 carriages. The system is UL approved and uses standard industrial components. The carriages can be operated in a manual and automatic cycle. Each carriage has 3 safety systems; lower photo eye, optional upper photo eye and stall sensor. This system is typically used in large retailer, "big box stores," warehouse and industrial storage environments. The maximum carriage length is 36’, depth of 72” with a maximum rated load of 45,000 lbs.

  • Electrical Carriage