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Open Shelving Units

Open type shelving is the basic and most economical shelving design for general purpose use. Backs and sides are open, except that sections are stabilized by sway braces.

Many configurations can be designed from the component parts and accessories.

It is easily installed, holds the shelf firmly in place, can be repositioned at any time, and actually helps make the shelving more rigid.

Box Beam Shelves, which offer an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Clip Shelving offers a wide variety of sizes and capacities too. This gives you the flexibility to provide top quality storage for a simple back room area up to a sophisticated multi-level or high-rise application.
Open Metal Shelving
Metal Closed Shelving

Closed Shelving Units

Closed type shelving units are covered on three sides with steel panels to provide stability, protection and to promote cleanliness of stored items. Optional locking doors may be added for greater security.

Many configurations can be designed from the component parts and accessories.

Clip shelving bin units are closed units with heavy duty hi-performance shelves, in various quantities, plus dividers and bin fronts as required. Offset angle posts are used at the rear of each unit, and box posts at the front. Front bases, label holders are available. Many configurations are possible. Most units are available for quick shipment. Bin widths are nominal. They are measured from the hole centers on the shelves, not the vertical bead of the dividers.

Metal Shelving Accessories

A. - Bin Front A formed steel panel partially enclosing the front opening of a shelf to keep bulk items within a bin.

B. - Sliding Divider Formed to fit around front and rear flanges on the shelf. Position anywhere on surface. No hardware needed.

C. - Partial Dividers Partially subdivides shelf to separate stored items. Hardware included.

D. - Full Height Dividers Used to divide a shelf opening into smaller units. Divider has a beaded front edge for strength and safety. Hardware included.

E. - Label Holders A formed steel strip that accepts 7/8” labels. Fastens to the shelf with plastic buttons.

F. - Base Strips Shaped to fit directly between bottom shelf
and floor.