Locker Locks

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Locker lock options are nearly limitless. You can even order your locks to match your company's or school's colors or have text or your logo engraved on your locks.

Built-in combination locks and combination padlocks are the most popular locks. They come with 3-number dialing and five or more combination changes; most come with the master key control feature for administration. You can choose uniquely colored dials for a small fee. Built-in combination locks and padlocks with black dials are available through our Quick Ship program.

Keyed padlocks in laminated steel come with two user keys so there is no need to remember a combination. Keyed built-in locks are available in flat key or grooved key models. A master key control feature is available for both and they can be keyed in different combinations or alike. High security or general security keyed locks are available.

Most locks are ADA compliant, but our built-in electronic digital ADA compliant lock has been upgraded specifically for ADA needs and opens by touching a button key to it.

Coin operated locks are revenue producers and are available in four types: coin return, coin collect, token operation and card activated.

Locker Manager software makes locker administration simple by automating assigning lockers to students or clients, managing locker combinations each year and keeping up with maintenance activities.