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Cantilever library shelving is designed to hold up to the heaviest use and still maintain its great looks. All our shelving components are powder coated with a paint finish far superior to the industry standard. A concealed leveling system adapts to conditions for maximum stability, without loose shims. Numerous quality construction features provide durability, practicality and flexibility to meet your storage needs to offer years of quality performance.


With Cantilever Shelving you have virtually limitless choices! Select units pre-configured to meet your needs, or choose individual components with the features you want to create a customized system for your specific storage requirements. Choose a welded frame or wall hung columns that accept all components or accessory items. Take your pick of numerous base, display and storage shelves. Add the accessories and options it takes to meet your unique storage applications. With fully-interchangeable components, you have the choice and flexibility you need.


Library Shelving offers a functionality unavailable in other shelving systems. This is a system that performs not only today, but tomorrow as well.


Your Library is very different from other libraries. Estey Shelving is designed on this premise. You'll find a system that accommodates your needs, not the other way around.


Library shelving is not only functional but also represents a large aesthetic component in your library environment. Estey Library Shelving allows you to make either an impressive aesthetic statement or simply blend with your existing appearance.