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Hallowell lockers has a tradition of manufacturing quality products since 1903. Hallowell has been an innovator and industry leader in product design and development for over a century. Hallowells lockers and products are manufactured in two state-of-the art manufacturing facilities located in Central and South Florida. From initial design to final manufacturing, hallowell lockers and products are engineered using state-of-the-art computer technology ensuring quality you can depend on. Browse our complete offering of Hallowell's lockers including premium wardrobe lockers, premium box lockers, maintenance-free quiet lockers, digitech electronic lockers, ready-built lockers, galvanite rust-resistant lockers, antimicrobial health care lockers, taskforce police lockers, safety-view lockers, valuemax economy lockers, heavy duty ventilated athletic lockers, duratech solid plastic lockers, food industry solid plastic lockers, maxview corrosion resistant lockers, heavy duty welded ventilated lockers, all-welded sport lockers, securitymax all-welded lockers, bulk storage lockers, metal storage cabinets, and heavy duty all-welded storage cabinets. As you can see hallowell offers a wide selection of quality lockers and storage cabinets to meet any secure storage requirement.