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Cantilever Rack is a freestanding storage unit with horizontal load carrying arms extending outward from a single vertical column. The absence of a vertical support on the outboard ends of the arms permits uninterrupted storage of long lengths of material.

Cantilever Rack is the ideal system for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber and other long, heavy items that must be kept off the floor...provides instant accessibility to one piece or a full load. Forklift easily loads off and on arms and bases. Being modular in nature, additional arms, uprights and braces may be added as storage requirements change


Available in upright heights from 6' to 20' with 2' through 10' brace widths (measured on center). Arms are completely adjustable on 3" centers to accommodate an infinite variety of items. Straight arms are available in nine different lengths with or without lips. Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty arms are both available in seven lengths with or without lips. Inclined arms are available in seven lengths with or without lips. A wide range of base sizes allows custom designing of rack systems to your individual needs. Uprights are punched on both sides for versatility and can be used single sided or double sided depending on the size of base used. Note that arms must never be placed on the back side of a single-based upright. Click here for lip and arm accessoires.

CANTILEVER RACKS are modular within each basic capacity series so that additional arms, uprights and cross

braces may be ordered at any time to add to your existing system. Different sized arms may be interchanged on racks to further tailor your racks to different uses. Single sided uprights can be converted to doubles when used with longer bases designed to accommodate placement of arms on both sides. Upright capacities can be computed by multiplying the number of arms per upright by the individual arm capacities—NOT TO EXCEED TOTAL UPRIGHT CAPACITIES LISTED. Arm capacity is based on EVEN DISTRIBUTION OF LOAD. All racks are designed for quick assembly and come with complete instructions and hardware for installation.

Completely adjustable CANTILEVER RACKS eliminate storage problems. Heavy duty steel construction permits storage of tubes, bars, structurals and other long heavy items that must be kept off the floor. Bases can be used for extra storage. Forklift easily loads off and on arms and bases. Fast, convenient handling of heavy, long unwieldy stock. Instant accessibility to one piece or a full load. For longer materials, simply add braces and uprights to fit your requirements.

Specially designed CANTILEVER RACK systems may be required to meet your needs. representatives will work with you to develop the most feasible and economical rack system for your special situation. Special label requirements can be met at a additional cost.


The key to a successful cantilever rack system is the answer to one question: What is the product (load) being stored? The answer must include the length, depth, height and weight of the product. Once this data is ascertained it becomes a simple matter to determine the required arms, uprights and braces. Click here for more info.