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Auto Shelving

Automotive Shelving provides a highly versatile system for efficiently storing automobile parts. In no time at all you can eliminate cluttered aisles, gain valuable floor space, and enjoy an orderly storage system tailored to fit your needs.

Optional dividers let you instantly create customized open shelving for quick and easy access to various-sized items. Handy bin boxes easily slide in and out to keep small, loose parts separated and readily available.

You'll appreciate many other details, too. All units are constructed of medium-gauge rolled steel and come standard with full-height backs to provide extra strength. End panels are bolted together either side-by-side or back-to-back for added sturdiness. The slide-in shelf and one-piece base and bottom shelf make assembly simple.

Choose from three sizes of Shelf dividers: 3", 4½" and 6" high. Each divider is fully adjustable horizontally and comes standard with a label holder. All edges are rounded, so they won't snag or tear merchandise.Full-width shelf edge

Label holders take only an instant to snap on. Place your labels anywhere on the holder.

Automotive Shelving system can be easily modified as your needs change and grow, since old components can be reconfigured and new ones added. What's more, it's a simple matter to rearrange units since each is freestanding, with its own uprights. And to give the units a clean, sleek look, we've designed solid piece decorative end panels that cover the uprights.

Shelves slide in easily from the front and feature a safety catch keeping them firmly in place. Easily adjusted every 1½", with no need of bolts or clips.